Thursday, July 9, 2009

Because she is cute

We all know when we see a cute baby. I, being Julia's mother know that she is cute. However, one of the things that I love the most about being a mom is when the most random people stop -- take a second look -- and say "She is a beautiful baby." I typically say, "Thanks. I think so." but Dan on the other hand always says, "Yeah. We know."

For Your Heart:

Julia had all her "fun" test on Monday. Dan and I decided -- we don't like the Main Hospital here in Charlotte and are glad we had Julia at the University Hospital by our house. Anyhow -- Her kidneys and bladder are fine. Last night was her first night with no antibiotic if about 1 month and it was pretty nice. The weird thing is that when they were doing the ultrasound of her Kidneys they found a Gall Stone. My three month old has a Gall Stone???? WHAT? Well, our doctor isn't worried unless we see signs that is bothering her. He is going to send us to a GI doctor just so we "have one" in case it does become a problem... but, all in all a good report of health. Crazy kids - they sure do make you worry.