Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"That really still happens...."

Yes, it really does STILL happen.

After much deliberation and seeing the distress not knowing what we were having would have on Dan I gave in and during our ultrasound I told the technician that we wanted to know what "it" was.

She measured all the important stuff -- heart, brain, head, stomach... It all looks great. Now, for the "fun" and "exciting" part... (at least, I think it is the fun and exciting part)the sex of our baby and the pictures of it's cute little face.

She went looking for the gender -- NO LUCK! Seriously, legs so tight together that you probably wouldn't be able to slide a playing card between "it's knees".... We poked and pushed but, no luck... The baby just kicked back (probably something that has been very useful since we have a Julia that climbs and jumps on me).

Then, the very nice lady switched from 2D to 3D to get a good picture of "it's" face. Well -- "It'" likes to lay face down in the placenta allowing very little fluid to be around "it's" face there for not allowing for a very pretty picture...

Needless to say, the ultrasound was mega disappointing and I was in tears.... We have great pictures of "it's" arms and legs but not much more.

I'm better today. I separated all of Julia's clothes into newborn girl, gender neutral and then 0-6 months and 6-12 months today. I pulled out our gender neutral bedding and packed up Julia's bedding since we'll be moving and a few weeks and she will be moving to a big girl bed. I bought a few boy outfits to add to the new born collection just in case and if not -- they will turn into gifts... and I am set and excited to let this baby be a surprise.

Everything about this child has been a surprise so far - it will be born right around Christmas (so, we can buy it more clothes then if we need too) and it will be a lot of fun finding out when it is born... RIGHT?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A friend....

From church invited Julia and I to a very amazing pool in her neighborhood today. We had a lot of fun and played for several hours. I made sure to sunscreen Julia up 3 or 4 times while we were there. I did my traditional on coat of SPF 8 (or 15) and left the house.....

.... to bad I forgot to have Dan put sunscreen on my back because now I have a nice tan with a lobster red back.

Monday, July 12, 2010

To Know... or Not to know....

That's my question.

Our ultrasound is scheduled for July 23rd (afternoon). I am slightly opposed to finding out.... Dan will always be opposed to NOT finding out.

2 Questions:

1) What do you think we are having?*

2) Should we find out?

*Dan and I go back and forth on this baby. I've had about 9 dreams it is a boy and 1 dream that it is a girl. The heartbeat has been 147 and 155. I'm craving Orange Juice, Spicy Food, Shrimp and Fruit. Most days, Dan and I say its a boy but, it often changes.