Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good-Bye 26

So... Today is my last day of being 26, I feel good (well, really that's not true.. most of the time I feel tired, overwhelmed and crazy... but, I'm happy.) Tomorrow -- I'll be 27. My goal -- no babies... and fit into at least some of the clothes that make me feel pretty, do my hair more and when goldfish and cheerios get spilled on the sofa or floor clean them up... before they get smashed into a million pieces. (I use to have a clean house.. but not so much any more). Oh, and let's throw finish school in there keeping my 4.0... (because lets be honest -- if I lose my 4.0 is it really accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish?) I love being a mom -- because, I have cool kids.. but, I'll post more about them later... like, when they don't make me so tired, overwhelmed and crazy! :)

People have babies...

Because a lot of people I know are having kids -- I've been talking a lot about Amazon Moms... so, I'm copying an e-mail I sent to a friend tonight so the word is out there and I feel like I've done my part.

Basically, you can get diapers for cheap.... we use them for both of the girls.

I talked to (insert name here) about something we use it is called "amazon moms". If you sign up for Amazon moms (its free) you can get your diapers at a very discounted rate with free shipping! Once you sign up for Amazon Mom's you find the diapers you love to use. After signing up for amazon mom's and finding the diapers you want you will see a box that says, "Subscribe and Save". (This is how you get the great deal!) Sign up to get a box (any number of boxes you want actually... we just do one box a month) of diapers, delivered to your front door (for free) every month, 2 months, 3 months or 6 months! It's that easy... and, the great thing -- you can change/cancel your order at anytime! We've changed it twice already for Addison and there is no fee. You can sign up for the subscribe and save -- use it once and cancel it -- and still no fee... Basically, we love Amazon mom's and are so grateful we have found such a steal on diapers.

Example: Luvs (because we use those during the day)
Huggies (because we use those at night)

It's that easy.. then, you a huge box of daipers delivered to your door for about $25.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I feel defeated.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

... and then there were two. :)

It's be a while since baby #2 arrived. As everyone knows, she has a name but... baby #2 is how she was known for so long that I feel like it's only fair this one last time.
Some of you wanted a birth story. Most of you don't care... but, here we go.

First off, just so you know - when I was pregnant with Julia I really wanted to deliver her naturally, just have a baby like the pioneer women. I couldn't. Literally, my body wouldn't let me. I caved... but, I did so much better with Baby #2.

Around midnight on December 7th, I thought my water broke. My water broke with Julia so, I was familiar with what that was like. So, we called up our sitter and headed to the hospital. They checked us in and long story short - my water didn't break.

You can keep reading if gross things don't gross you out. Apparently, sometimes when you are preparing for labor (it could be days or weeks before delivery) your body may release a lot of mucusy discharge - sometimes containing blood... from broken capillaries... That's all it was.

We got sent home around 3:00 a.m. After arriving home -- I was have small cramps. It was annoying and I figured it was just from the exam. I took two Tylenol PM and went to sleep. Julia woke up at 7:30 that morning so we got up with her. I was still having mild cramping so... I took two more Tylenol.

I started to have "cramps" that lasted longer but, weren't painful at all. Honestly, I've had menstrual cramps 100 times worse then that... but, they were lasting for several minutes (about 1-2) and they were 3-5 minutes apart. I had a Dr's appoint at 11 that morning so... I told Dan I would just wait until then. I did but, we sent Julia off once again to a sitter.

I called the Dr. and asked if they could move my appointment up. They said, come on in. So, we arrived at 10:40 and got in quickly. The Dr. asked how I felt and I said, "Crampy". He checked my cervix and said, "Well, this is fairly elementary. You'll be having a baby today. You're dilated to a 6."

Of course, Dan and I let the Dr.'s, went straight to the hospital (after grabbing lunch since they don't let you eat after they admit you to the hospital to deliver) and checked in around Noon. (Yeah, just 10 hours after they sent us home).

I figured since I was already a six with very little discomfort, I could get this kid out without and epidural. The labor progressed kind of slow after that. I got to an eight and really felt defeated. I explored other pain options and decided that I needed something. I got one dose of Stadol. Stadol was amazing and put me back on my feet, walking around and made the transition from 8 to 10 a lot easier.

We arrived at our destination of a 10 at about 4:30, got the room ready for the baby and started pushing. We pushed for about 40 minutes (which is about 20 minutes longer than we did with Julia -- I think it's because labor hurts - but pushing is the only thing that takes the pain aways.)

Addison arrived at 5:15 and weighed 7lbs 7oz and was born on December 7th... basically, she's our lucky number 7.