Friday, May 23, 2008

It was....

my mother-in-laws birthday ... and that, is funny.

Let me explain. Dan is wonderful. He is smart and helpful and just an all around stud -- but, he is horrible at remembering birthdays.

When Dan and I got married we put all the birthdays/anniversaries on our calender and in our address book so we didn't forget*. I love sending cards and wish I could get paid to send cards and write letters. Anyhow, so Dan, Annika (the cute girl I nanny) and I went strawberry picking with Dan's mom, (from this point on -- she will be referred to as Mom) just for fun because I wanted to make Jam and needed her help.

We arrive at the house with a post dated Mother's Day present in hand and give it to mom. She smiles and says thank you as she opens it. Within the hour we are all in the car on our way to pick strawberries. I am in the front seat because of course, Annika, just as all the little girls we watch, has to sit by Dan, and the phone ring. YAY, it is Aunt Shelly - Or Mom's sister. I answer and here is our conversation.

Shelly: Is Stephanie there?

Me: Yeah, this is Amanda! How are you?

Shelly: Good. I was just calling to talk to the Birthday girl.

Me: Speechless (with a look to kill on my face as I turn around to Dan)

Me: Hands the phone to mom

Me: (To Dan) Today is your Mother's Birthday

Dan: (Looks at watch at bit confused) The 21st?

Me: Yeah, Today.

You see, Dan told me that her birthday was the 24th. We didn't mention her birthday. Not once, I mean really.... we had no idea.

Moral of the story -- send birthday cards in the mail. (Ha)

Anyhow, we had a lot of fun picking strawberries. Dan and I alone picked almost 19 lbs of those beautiful red beast. I was awesome. Then we took mom to lunch, because that is what you do when you forget it is someones birthday, and made jam until 4:30.

Here are some pictures from the extravaganza.





*Interesting -- Dan found the Fruit Pectin in the garage -- It expired in 1987. I found this milk in the fridge, it expired on May 4th. Today was May 21st, mom's birthday.... ... I'll let you decide on what has aged the best.

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