Thursday, July 24, 2008

What? Amanda's going to update her blog...

Yes...I am.

So, some home time just seems to slip aways (expecially if you are constantly running from place to place with no where to be). It has been a while since a "real" update so... here goes.

As most of you know Dan and I are official residents of Charlotte. It has been a slow transition and I think we have been away from our apartments more than we have been at the apartment, but we like it.

Dan was suppose to transfer with UPS and they have done a really poor job of making that happen so, the last two weeks have been our time to catch up and enjoy each other a little before our lives get consumed with work and school. (Oh, the joys of being broke married students).

Also, another fun thing -- My sister came home to visit for the summer. She has actually been home for about 6 weeks now (she's an awesome high school Latin teacher in Texas) and she has stayed with us for a few nights. It is always fun to spend time with your siblings... especially when you are old.... and we are getting to that point.

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