Monday, September 29, 2008

A Year Ago... When This was a big deal....

I mean, the picture. Today is our Anniversary
and we are totally excited. An entire year has
passed since Dan and I were married. A lot can change in that first year. It is interesting to look back on all that has happened (which really isn't that much) and enjoy the time we've spent together.

- We lived in Raleigh

-Finished School at WTCC

-Drove to Iowa

-Drove to Connecticut

-Moved to Charlotte

-Started School at UNCC

-Got pregnant

We did a lot. People told us when we got married, "the first year is the hardest." Dan and I have evaluated this several times with the idea that we hope it was... because our first year was fun! and really, we had a few disagreements but - -nothing that knocks you off your feet. If this past year was the hardest we have pretty smooth sailing ahead of us for the rest of our lives & eternity!


H. Wade said...

Hey, I remember that day!


Daniel and Robin said...

happy first anniversary!!!!!

Rachel said...

hey happy anniversary!!! but sorry to bust your bubble, the first year is not the hardest!

Sofia Lung said...

wow a whole year YEAH! Happy Anniversary.