Friday, October 24, 2008

6 to 11

So, the poll had closed and the guessing is over.

6 of my wonderful faithful readers think the baby is a girl.

11 of my wonderful faithful readers think the baby is a boy.

If we all recall Dan was sure the baby was a boy and I just went back and forth.

Well, our ultrasound went great yesterday -- Um, except for the fact that the baby has feet like Dan's little brother (he wears a size 13)! The heart beat was great 144! No clef lip. Perfect umbilical cord. All looks well! We came home with lots of pictures (6 regular and 8 4-D pictures)!

Oh -- and Dan and the other 11 blog readers who said our baby was a boy... They were......

We are defiantly having a little baby GIRL!


cat said...

YaY for little girls!!

Daniel and Robin said...

amanda!!! i know you are so happy to have this news!! congratulations! i know you two are going to be AWESOME parents, plus now i can pick out a cute little girl outfit to send you!! :)

Sofia Lung said...

I knew you were going to have a girl. I think you'll be a great girl mom since you can handle drama so well.

H. Wade said...

Awww! Adorable little aliens!

Maybe when we're all back in Raleigh she and Kate can play together.

Meredith said...

yay!! girls are great!!

BeckFinnMatt said...

Congrats Amanda! I have no words of wisdom for you as far as little girls go, but I do have one handsome little guy that I would like to introduce her to some day! Hope that you are feeling better, your energy level should improve. I remember really enjoying months 3-7. I am sure you are radiant. Take care of yourself! All our best!

Tabb and Michelle said...

How absolutely wonderful!! A baby girl!!! We're so happy for you. What a special Christmas you will have this year as you anticipate the birth of your sweet baby girl.

Come back to Raleigh after school....I've got some babysitters for you.
Tabb and Michelle