Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On the Road Agian

Well, we made it home from Stone Mountain. I'm not surprised just bummed. I think Stone Mountain was the first vacation Dan and I have taken that did not involve a trip to Raleigh or some other destination with my family. I love my family but, it was super nice to get away just the three of us.

Julia did an awesome job camping out. She loved it, probably because every time she woke up -- I would feed her so she didn't start crying and wake everyone else camping around us up. ;) SMART GIRL.

We went on a super-fun-kick-my-butt-into-shape hike and Julia was all smiles the whole way up. It was nice because, well, I wasn't.

We also stopped at the Georgia Aquarium on the way home. Worlds Largest Aquarium, apparently and it was neat. I had been once before but, Dan is into things like that and Julia really enjoyed watching all the fish swimming around.

Now, we are back into school gear. I have two test and a paper this week.... *Sigh* One day, I will miss this.

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RACHEL said...

missing tests? um no that doesn't happen! glad you guys had a good time!