Monday, July 12, 2010

To Know... or Not to know....

That's my question.

Our ultrasound is scheduled for July 23rd (afternoon). I am slightly opposed to finding out.... Dan will always be opposed to NOT finding out.

2 Questions:

1) What do you think we are having?*

2) Should we find out?

*Dan and I go back and forth on this baby. I've had about 9 dreams it is a boy and 1 dream that it is a girl. The heartbeat has been 147 and 155. I'm craving Orange Juice, Spicy Food, Shrimp and Fruit. Most days, Dan and I say its a boy but, it often changes.


cat said...

I say be surprised!! But my opinion is, if you guys think its a boy more than you don't, then its a boy. :)

ReL said...

Now, I've heard it depends on where you're carrying the baby...low=boy & high=girl. I don't know how much truth there is to that though. I, personally, would want to know just so I could get ready. If it's a girl you don't have a lot to prepair becaue of Julia but with a boy you'll need all new stuff because a boy shouldn't be wearing Julia hand-me-downs :-D