Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dan: "I hope this baby comes tonight"
Me: "Why?"
Dan: "I'm just ready for her to come. I don't know. I'm just anxious for her to get here."
Me: "Yeah. Me too... but, that's because I huge and I can't sleep. Why are you so anxious".
Dan: "I don't know."

As of 10:03 pm tonight, I will be more pregnant then I ever was with Julia. At 10:03pm, I will officially be a sleep -- to avoid noticing if it bothers me or not.

*Next appointment - Tuesday. I'll update later.

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RACHEL said...

yikes i understand how you feel, when i hit 35 weeks with carson i was like this is when i had landen, so i am ready. then 36 weeks came and i was like, really i am ready, very ready, then the next week i was like pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!! so he came