Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The List....

Everything on the list is done.
Checked off.
Completed (as of Saturday Night).
.... except packing a bag.

To bad my house doesn't stay clean for longer than a couple days.

So, packing a bag and picking a name and then this baby is welcome to come into our family. Starting today we a full-term. After Wednesday, I'll have all the assignments completed for this semester that I possibly can minus on quiz and one final.

I'd say we are ready. We need to buy newborn diapers but, the coupon we are using isn't valid until 11/27. It's a good one $7 off.

We are having a hard time wrapping our minds around the idea of having two kids. We are both excited but, I don't think it is going to seem real until we see her and hold her.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things People Don't Tell You About Being Pregnant....

If you get a cold when you are 37 weeks pregnant -- you will pee your pants.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh, I almost forgot.....

Make two freezer meals...

When Julia was born we stocked up on Tombstone frozen pizza. It worked... but, I think a few freezer meals would be better. However, my dad (yeah, you read that right.... we are fighting stereotypes in our house) is coming to help us during finals and he is an awesome cook. I don't think we'll have to much to worry about.

One Final To-Do List

I made my "final" to-do list (I think) a few nights ago. I really only make a list so I can mark things off of it. It's short and I'm overly excited to complete it this weekend.

Clean our Bathroom
Clean the computer desk
Clean the car
Find a place for Bottles in the kitchen
Clean/Organize the Pantry
Organize the Book Shelve
Pack a Bag
Finish work for this semester

Today, I hope to have all except the work for the semester completed. I have one more "experiance for children" on Wednesday so, this kid can't come before then... however, it's fair game after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For those interested....

50% effaced and only 8cm to go.... :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

36 (ish Weeks)

During our Ultrasound on Friday we learned that...

1) This baby really is a girl
2) She's about 5lbs 14oz (That's how much Julia weighed when we brought her home)
3) She's not measuring big.... I am.

... and yes, I cropped my face out because 1) I didn't have any make-up on and 2)I don't like looking at all my chins. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A few weeks ago...

I said I would explain more later. It's later (much later) and I should explain before I forget.

I don't doubt that I'm a good mom, even a great mom. There are a lot of things I have major insecurities about in life but parenting is what I was born to do. I'm fun, I'm patient and I seriously love being "Julia's mom".

However, I'm tired and even though I am a good mom, I know I could be a better mom. Julia's smart -- so she hasn't really suffered, but on days where Dan and I spend at school and Julia spends inside, it breaks my heart. Seriously, it makes me want to drop out of school and spend all day everyday playing with the funniest kid I know.

I had my advising for next semester around the time I posted my last post. My advisor knows me, and knows me well. She knows that if I don't graduate with a 4.0, I will feel like I, "just finished school". She said, "that baby right there (pointing to my stomach and the two walking around the halls (Dan and Julia) are more important than any "A" you will ever make. I know that, but I can't wrap my mind around the idea of making a B.

So, next semester, I'm only taking 2 classes. I'll graduate around the time Dan does (do I really want to graduate before him anyway? He might expect me to get a job.... (kidding).

Anyhow, that's my rant on motherhood. I love it. I'm excited to see this other child tomorrow. Hopefully, she'll have a name sooner or later.

5 More weeks! :)