Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's an update... but, it's boring!

After stalking people on thier blogs for some time now, I've decided to take it upon myself to entertain the world.... or at least a small portion of it!

So here is an over due update....Dan is still working at UPS, I am still a nanny -- and we still never see each other.

I will finish my A.A. at Wake Tech this semester and recently got accepted to UNC Charlotte. Dan and I will definatly be moving in August however, we are still waiting to find out if Dan gets accepted to the school.

Dan teaches the 11 years in Primary and I am with the Mia Maids in Young Women's. They are awesome... and if they put as much energy into the gospel as they did with boys, they'd be on fire.... Alright, the first entry is always -- boring.... but, the ones to come will be better... Much Better! I promise!

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Ana said...

Um, Hi! I think that we need to actually talk one day... when you have time.. you know... I'm glad to have "found" you on the blogging world. I am sad to hear that you are moving though. We should have you over one night. I saw Annie and Julie today... Let me know if you hear of anything that we could do for them...