Friday, May 29, 2009

Julia's Cute

Julia is a cute girl. I mean, she's got the desirable chubby legs every baby wants, a cute smile and head full of hair with very little cradle cap ( or cradle crap as we call it in our house). Since we all know Julia is a cutie she's already encountered her first boy problem.... boys. She's got two lined up... and Dan and I are happy. Here are some pictures of the baby.

LIAM (Anna & Tom's Cutie Baby (2 weeks younger than Julia) -- My mom says this is NOT a good picture)

I do love this picture though! Joseph (Huge boy. 6 weeks older than Julia)(18 lbs & 25 inches long) How Dan Feeds Julia Check Out the Attitude On This Girl During Her First Bath (She loved it.... We thought until we realized that she was flicking off the camera.) Her Bumbo Chair. She loves it! This video makes me laugh. You have to listen really close to the end after I ask her if she is having fun. Julia is such a McEwen.


JennaHabes said...

She is definitely a McEwen. Except for the farting thing, that's exclusive to Dan. She's really cute. I wish we could come visit soon.

Rachel said...

ha ha that is so funny!!! i love the pics!

Meredith said...

She is so adorable. I was looking at the pictures of her in the bumbo... she is so skinny!! Maria's graduated from the bumbo cause everytime we tried to pick her up the chair came with her.