Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why I love Dan

Reason 104,983,043:

Dan: Amanda

Amanda: Yeah

Dan: You are my Wendy Peppercorn

Amanda: ... cute.

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Kari Whiting said...

amanda i love this. dallin watches the sandlot like 3 time a day! it isn't the best movie i decided but he is actually learning how to play baseball watching it. he gets the glove and ball and gives bryant whatever form of "bat" they can find and he throws it while bryant actually swings, it's so cute. oh by the way i would love to see some pictures of that cute short and chubby as you called her baby of yours!! I'm gonna be going to raleigh sometime this summer my bro and sis in law just moved there and i'm gonna visit so we'll have to try and go when you visit there too!!!