Monday, June 28, 2010

My Child The Beast

Today at church Julia was sharing snacks with her "friend" Koryn (who is almost 20 months old). Koryn had cheerios, Julia had goldfish. Their snack containers were the same, except different colors.

Julia was snacking on Koryns Cheerios when all of a sudden she stood up and darted down the hall with them. Koryn followed after her and was crying about 10 feet into the chase. Julia kept running, Koryn kept crying (and running). Julia showed no mercy -- it took the intervention of me and Koryn's mom to stop the chaos.

I love Julia. I love her dominate, go-get-it personality.... I'm just afraid we will have a lot more days like this.

The great thing is -- Julia loves big kids and every child under five now she points to and signs "baby"....

I wonder how old she thinks she is?

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RACHEL said...

lol, that is funny, at least for those of us that have spirited children, we always have great stories to tell, even if we are half exhausted while telling them :)