Sunday, October 3, 2010

A New Layout... A fresh start...

Some of my friends have posted about not being able to post about what they "want" to post. Some of my friends, I guess are just like I am in that regard. I have a blog, to vent to the world -- about the good and the bad...and then I post with a coat of sugar on everything.

My blog, finally has a new layout. I promise it will have more post about stuff that I REALLY care about. I promise that as you read it -- you will get a glimpse into how my day/week/life is going. No sugar, no sweet stuff, just the honest to goodness, ups and downs and being a wife, mother and student.

I wont post for comments. I'll post for me. Honestly, I'm not writing a newspaper and waiting on the next big story, my blog is my life.... it is one big story.. and I LOVE where it is going.

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ReL said...

I LOVE YOU AMANDA! I think that it's great that you're going to post things without sugar ;-) ahhh a sugar free blog, now that is gonna taste sweet ;-) lol