Monday, October 11, 2010

We didn't even have to mapquest directions....

I love cooking. Dan and I set a goal a while ago that said we would have someone over to dinner at least one Sunday a month (not including the missionaries). Last night, was the first night that this was going to happen in.... FOREVER!

Our friends coming over are amazing. We both really enjoy their company and Julia and their little girl (Eve) are pretty close in age. I was excited. I woke up and made spaghetti sauce and sat bread out to raise. We went to church, I came home made manicotti and a gooey toffee butter cake! Everything smelled amazing.

Shortly before our friends we going to arrive I went the pull the bread out of the oven.... so did Julia. Both hands, on the oven door. I have never heard my child cry so long and so hard. I was heart broken (but, I'll post about that later.)

Our friends were on their way (one of the is a P.A.) so, we were happy to have her advice while we waited to hear back from the Dr. Basically, what they said was take her to the ER so they could get a better look at it and we are glad we did. 2 hours of straight screaming was hard on everyone.

Another trip to the ER for our family. Sad part is, we didn't even have to mapquest directions... (Which is a big deal for Dan and I getting to a place in downtown Charlotte... but, I'll continue). At the ER they gave her a cream (Silvadene) and some pain medication (Lortab), wrapped up her had that had the most damage and sent us home.

Wanna know the ironic part? We sent dinner home with our friends and they had a very yummy smelling fresh baked dinner and our family grabbed McDonald's. (That's right, the worst of the worst).

But, Julia slept in our bed last night (a treat for her... and long night for everyone else) and did well. We kept her medicated and she slept from 11:00 until 8:30 am. Today, she is acting a lot better and it doesn't seem like her hands are bothering her to much.


Renshaw Family said...

Poor Julia! I'm glad she is doing a little better today. Let us know if you need anything. Hoping for a fast recovery.

cat said...

Aww, poor baby! I hope she heals fast.

Brian said...

My heart is aching for her. Thank goodness she is okay.