Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good-Bye 26

So... Today is my last day of being 26, I feel good (well, really that's not true.. most of the time I feel tired, overwhelmed and crazy... but, I'm happy.) Tomorrow -- I'll be 27. My goal -- no babies... and fit into at least some of the clothes that make me feel pretty, do my hair more and when goldfish and cheerios get spilled on the sofa or floor clean them up... before they get smashed into a million pieces. (I use to have a clean house.. but not so much any more). Oh, and let's throw finish school in there keeping my 4.0... (because lets be honest -- if I lose my 4.0 is it really accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish?) I love being a mom -- because, I have cool kids.. but, I'll post more about them later... like, when they don't make me so tired, overwhelmed and crazy! :)

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JennaHabes said...

I like the gasp at the end. I do it a lot too!