Sunday, February 13, 2011

People have babies...

Because a lot of people I know are having kids -- I've been talking a lot about Amazon Moms... so, I'm copying an e-mail I sent to a friend tonight so the word is out there and I feel like I've done my part.

Basically, you can get diapers for cheap.... we use them for both of the girls.

I talked to (insert name here) about something we use it is called "amazon moms". If you sign up for Amazon moms (its free) you can get your diapers at a very discounted rate with free shipping! Once you sign up for Amazon Mom's you find the diapers you love to use. After signing up for amazon mom's and finding the diapers you want you will see a box that says, "Subscribe and Save". (This is how you get the great deal!) Sign up to get a box (any number of boxes you want actually... we just do one box a month) of diapers, delivered to your front door (for free) every month, 2 months, 3 months or 6 months! It's that easy... and, the great thing -- you can change/cancel your order at anytime! We've changed it twice already for Addison and there is no fee. You can sign up for the subscribe and save -- use it once and cancel it -- and still no fee... Basically, we love Amazon mom's and are so grateful we have found such a steal on diapers.

Example: Luvs (because we use those during the day)
Huggies (because we use those at night)

It's that easy.. then, you a huge box of daipers delivered to your door for about $25.

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