Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ants in my....


I am not exactly sure where the ants are hibernating... but, they are near me. Ever since Dan and I both heard we were accepted to Charlotte, I've been ready to go. It seems like the day will never come when we will leave Raleigh (something that will make my whole body rejoice)! Now, don't get me wrong there are some wonderful things in Raleigh -- I am sure of it.
Let me move on -- literally.


cat said...

Hey, Charlotte is 1 hour closer to Savannah than Raleigh. And we are both assigned to the Columbia temple, we'll have to plan a temple date sometime.

ReL said...

Sad day, we'll have to hang out before you go! As for the seafood comment... There's this place in Garner called, Sunny Side Too and I'm dying to try out their food. We may have to go on a date Amanda :-)