Monday, June 16, 2008

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

It has been a while but, it has been a busy week or so. Last Saturday I flew to Orlando for "work". It was Annika (the little one I watch) and my annual trip to Disney but, this year an extra bonus -- SEA WORLD!

Here are some pictures:

Also, we stayed in one of the most amazing hotels second only to the Carolina Inn which is fantastic! We stayed the week at the world Marriott (the biggest Marriott in the world). The hotel has 4 buildings, 28 floors (at least in our building) and over 2,000 rooms. It also has 3 sit down restaurants, 3 quick type restaurants, 2 gifts shops, a Starbucks, game room, spa, 5 swimming pools and much more. We were spoiled.

Here is a picture from our Balcony:

This is a video of the elevator ride from the 28th floor to the 2nd floor.

There is so much more to update everyone on and I will but, this post is long enough.

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