Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It has been a while since a "real" post. Why? For several reasons. First of all, the big things going on in Dan and I's life are not really things that we are ready to open up to the world and post about and the second is because I have been super busy! But, even that being said, there isn't to much going on.

Dan and I are getting ready to go on a Pioneer Trek with the Raleigh (NC) Stake which we are both a little too excited about it. I have amazing endurance and love doing things like this (as does Dan but, apparently, I am only talking about myself today... HA).

Also, I let my mother cut my hair... I wouldn't mention this if it weren't a significant event in my life. My mom always cuts Dan hair -- and even my younger sister's and does a great job. However, I was not as lucky and have an appointment to day to get it "fixed". Fixing it will require a great amount of the length the be gone but, Dan is sure it will look cute. I am hoping (at this point that is really the only option I have) that I look adorable with short hair. BOO!

I'll post more after the Trek -- I am sure.


Sofia Lung said...

Love the picture, now i'm going to buy a B&W disposable camera. also i know i'm going to see your hair cut but i still think you should post a picture.

ReL said...

I bet you'll look Ahhh-mazing with short hair :-)