Friday, January 2, 2009

The Difference Between a Man and a Woman....

New Years - A time to make resolutions.

Last night I decided to make a list of resolutions. Nothing major just things that should be done in 2009. I invited Dan to do the same thing. He said, "We do that?". I encouraged him to pick at least one thing. He said, "Okay. I'll be the best father in the world." (I believe it... but, really? That is all he could come up with?)

1.Stay in it (no matter how crazy things get with the baby).
2.Make straight A's (no need to fudge my GPA this far along)
3.Make sure Dan doesn't get overwhelmed.

Home & Family:
1.Keep the house clean (Even during the weekdays. We actually keep our apartment really clean -- but, that is only because we spend all Saturday morning cleaning.)
2.Give Dan a little more credit for what he does (Dan does a lot -- and even though it isn't how I would do it-- he is amazing).
3.Spend more time snuggling with Dan (sounds lame but Dan likes to snuggle -- I'd rather not be touched. We have to compromise).
4.Make sure we do some sort of Family Home Evening every week.
5.Get through the next 3 months, labor and eventually be a good mom.

1.Read some sort of church publication everyday.
2.Continue to do family scripture study daily.
3.Attend the temple at least once a month.

Physical: (Post-March)
1.Goal: Not to be lazy and plump up after the baby is here... That's the best goal I can set for "losing weight" right now. It may change mid-April.


kitchenditcher said...

Okay, now I am motivated to make some goals. I've got some rattling around in my brain, but I really need to confirm what it is that I REALLY want to do this year. Goals are good for me, otherwise, I'd never get anything done!

So good luck on your goals and a Happy New Year's from the Wrightwood McEwen's!!! word verification was "evetoot". I can't help it, anything with the word "toot" in it makes me laugh!!

Rachel said...

ha ha, is that the only difference between men and women? amen on the not being touched thing! my new year's resolutions were made easy thing year, the RS is doing preparedness this year and they gave us a list of goals to pick from each month, so i am going to do those and maybe one or two of my own.

McEwens said...

Great goals! I need to write mine down to make them happen!!

Happy New Years!