Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time for an Anatomy Lesson!

I'm a smart person but, not the smartest person when it comes to science/biology or even anotomy. I'd like to think that I have a basic understanding of some basic body parts... hands, feet, nose, hip, butt, ect. Aparently, I DON'T!

Today was the day we went for our glucose testing and Rh shot. I will updated you later on the glucose testing we wont know for a few days. However, I can update you on the Rh shot.

The nurse said, we give this shot in the hip. (See image of where I think my hips are -- except, I don't carry a flask in my pocket and mine don't look as nice).

Which hip do you want the shot in? "Um... the right?" I didn't really care but, since she asked.

I pulled my pants down a little. She told me how to stand -- which was a little weird and then said, "You will feel a pinch then it may sting a little".

Well, she proceded to pull my pants down a little (or a lot) more and gave me a shot.


The exact place to arrow lands. That is NOT MY HIP (and the shot DID burn.) I hope everyone is having a great day and that your nurses passed anotomy.


cat said...

Hmm..I'm not that smart either, but I definitley am with you on where I thought the hip was too. Maybe she was afraid to use the word 'butt'?
good luck on your glucose test.

Ana said...

Seriously.. that's funny. Did I not get that far in my pregnancy? I didn't think I did any blood work, let alone an RhFactor test. Hum. Oh, and your cat is hilarious! It makes me sad that ours are outside. :(

Brian said...

Well your hip is connected to the butt...so at least she got in the same region.

Rachel said...

ha ha ha, that is the funniest story ever, you totally mooned your nurse!! as for it hurting, sorry, but i also think i have you beat, i had my wisdom tooth removed today and i was not completely numbed, it hurt like crap!!! and still does!!