Friday, February 20, 2009

The Baby!

I have tried to keep this blog very "baby neutral" because some people just don't want to hear about a growing fetus... but, I don't have the energy to post to this blog and the baby's blog right now, so -- here is where the fun will be until I decide to start pointing to GP again.

Yesterday we had our 35 week appointment and everything is great! I have been trying everything in my power to get another U/S for the last 4 weeks and with no luck. I'm sure they are on to me -- I just want to see her cute face (which probably is so squished it looks a little like a pig).... She is head down -- "Her head is down there good. Really good." The Dr. said yesterday. I knew that though b/c right before the Dr. come in she had the hiccups (and that is an interesting feeling.)

She's measuring perfect, right at 35 weeks. My weight looks good (I love how you can gain 5 pounds in 2 weeks and the Drs. are happy...) the sad thing is knowing in 5 weeks all of it needs to come off. Oh well.

Dan is excited. He's getting more and more annoyed with waiting and sighs and complains when he doesn't feel her move or can't "find her". We like to try to find her arms and legs and well -- now, she's just like one hard mass.

Oh -- and on top of having a baby is 5 weeks. I'll be jobless at the end of the month. Talk about stress. Visitors are totally welcome!


ReL said...

This is so exciting! Man babies come fast when you're not the one carrying them :-) I'm so happy for you mommy to be and I'm glad that you and Dan are so ready for this baby to come out and see the world. YAY!

Brian said...

It's funny...I already see you as a mother. You're going to really shine. ;-)

Rachel said...

ha ha ha, with carson i would always try to find his body parts too, and there would sometimes be a big lump in my stomach and i thought it was his bum so i would pat it or rub it, but was the placenta, it really kind of grossed me out, who wants to rub a placenta!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about a growing fetus.
I never could figure out Scott's parts. I just knew that he could flatten my stomach into a square table when he wanted, and that generally hurt a bit.
I am excited to see your cutie!!