Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Child and Family Development - UNCC

I am currently taking my #2 of 4 SPED classes I need before graduation in December (don't get to excited -- December of 2011.... Other things will happen this December though, I am sure).

We had a test today which means most of my time the last 48 hours has been devoted to note cards and textbooks but, I have realized a lot already. Besides the never-ending knowledge of public laws that I could rattle off to you I realize the difference between Special Education Majors (and the majority of others). SPED students really learn to "value" disabilities. We are taught and reminded that everyone is different and a disability is a difference.

I know that about myself. I have never been intimidated by a disability (not that I can remember). I love the teacher I have now because she reminds us always, "If we think it is amazing to see a typically developing kid take their first step or say their first word, you wait to see the excitement when a child with CP or MR does it."

I also love my degree from a religious stand point. I mean really, we know that these children are choice and promised exaltation.. What a blessing it will be to carry the knowledge I am gaining now throughout my life to be an advocate for children and families.

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JennaHabes said...

That last picture of the little boy is sooo cute!