Friday, August 6, 2010

I love Craigslist...

So... since we don't know what this baby is we've started to go neutral. We are selling everything on Craigslist that is pink and replacing it with other colors (not blue, not pink).

So, here is an e-mail I got today. I laughed and then shared it with Dan. He laughed too.

"hello do you still have the pink boppy chair? If so I can be reached @ 704-###-####. Thank you Unique ( that's my name) "

Now, I've heard of names a lot "worse" then Unique... but, I still felt bad that her parents did that to her. What if every time you signed your name you'd have to clarify (That's my name).... Crazy people.

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Daniel and Robin said...

i get names like this a lot at my job. i really think you shouldn't name your child after an adjective or character trait.

signed - "chatty" (that's my name)