Saturday, August 28, 2010

Utah --- Baby Haven (or not) but, either way they do gender check Ultrasounds for $45. A lot less then we were spending out gender neutral stuff... so, while we were out west for Dan's family reunion we gave in - spent the $45 - and found out what we were having!

Another Little Girl!

We are both pretty excited, with the exception that Dan is set on a name and I don't really love it... So, any girl name suggestions that you are willing to share are freely welcomed.

Here is a list of likes and dislikes:

I love the name Jane -- Dan hates it.
I like the name Emma - Dan likes the name Emma (but, it is horribly popular and we don't like that.
I am not sold on the name Lyla - Dan refers to the baby as Lyla Grace. (Basically, I am so against name stealing that naming a child Lyla goes against everything I fight for...)

We go through list and cant find anything we like. I'm lost for a name for the baby.. and we only have 15 weeks to get our act together.

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ReL said...

Lyla is what my sister named her dog... but it's a cute name. Who would you be stealing it from anyway?
Personally I've been on a bit of a Greek Goddess kick lately, whenever I see a name I like I jot it down for future reference. Here's some more tame ones you might enjoy: Maia & Phoebe. I also love the name Georgia...mostly because I like the idea of shortening it to George. :-)