Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Color Me Blue...

Yes, If all my friends jumped of a bridge -- I would follow.

You Are a Blue Crayon
Your world is colored in calm, understated, deep colors.
You are a loyal person, and the truest friend anyone could hope to find.
On the inside, you tend to be emotional and even a bit moody.
However, you know that people depend on you. So you put on a strong front.

Your color wheel opposite is orange. Orange people may be opinionated, but you feel they lack the depth to truly understand what they're saying.


ReL said...

where did you find this? I wanna do one!

Sofia Lung said...

my color is red so we can still be friends hahaha.

cat said...

I'm blue too!!

Rachel said...

hello my blue friend, i would definitely say you are a true friend, but i have not known you to be moody!