Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is okay to have this much fun???

UNCC requires EVERYONE in the College of Education to take a special education class. I love this class -- and if I weren't married would probably have a crush on my 60+ year old teacher (but, if you ask Dan he will tell you that I already DO have a crush on him). It doesn't matter, he is just that awesome!

Anyhow, while learning about communication disorders he had us watch this video. (Oh and I just figured out how to post youtube videos to my blog...)

After that, for "FUN" we watched this one! (You have to take yourself there, b/c I try to keep politics out of my blog)

Oh, and just to be slightly educational: Kids with communication disorders are often confused and frustrated because they don't understand why what they are saying isn't clear and doesn't make sense.


ReL said...

I LOVE Abbot and Costello! Who's on first is such a freaking classic!

McEwens said...

I LOVE this! It is a classic! What a greta idea to watch it for communication skills..

So, a crush on your teacher-do send a picture!

Dan and Amanda said...

How come I never knew about this????? Really? That was the first time I saw it. I feel jaded!