Monday, December 15, 2008

Church Plays - Shopping - Finals

So, someone had the brilliant idea to ask me to help with the church Christmas program (by help, she meant direct.) Hilarious. With only 3 weeks to practice and one falling on the week of Thanksgiving we probably didn't prepare as much as we should have.... but, we pulled it off. Here is a picture!

Last Wednesday, Tyler and I went to playgroup. Our church does a playgroup every Wednesday and we try to make it as often as we can. Last week, it was at the play place in the mall. Tyler and I were the only people who showed up because it was about a 30 minute drive so, we played and then went shopping. I'm pretty excited. I walked into Dillard's looking of an outfit to bring our baby home in and stumbled upon this..

a blessing dress.

Regular price: $54.00
Price on Tag: $16.40
Price at Register: $11.80

What a deal! I am so excited!

One last thing -- FINALS! I am pretty excited and still debating on going taking classes next semester (I'll explain that later). I probably shouldn't but -- I can't bear to think of taking an entire semester off! It drives me crazy. I have two finals left (actually, I only have to take two.) I just need to say, I'm really smart. :)

P.S. Here is a conversation you'll enjoy Ana.

MC: Hey Fatty.

Me: I hate you.

For those of you who don't know, MC is about 23 weeks pregnant. It was all in good humor -- I just "reacted". :) Fun!


The Bake Family said...

I am LOVING THE DRESS- what a beauty! She is going to look so cute in that dress! We are going to bless Tori in my blessing dress- I have waited YEARS to be able to do that!!!
(So excited)

JennaHabes said...

I love the dress. Way to go on the price too. I'm very impressed.

ReL said...

I love a good sale! You really racked up! :-) I got a pair of shoes (so not the same thing lol) that was $54 for $7 Saturday. YAY!

Ana said...

Awesome find! Little Amanda will look so sweet in that dress! You should have been the one calling the names... MC exploded this week! :)

Sofia Lung said...

Awesome dress what a steal!! So why are you thinking about taking a semester off?