Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving -- and all that bliss!

So -- Thanksgiving has passed and I don't have much to report. I made my very first apple pie from scrath that was -- Delicious!

Then on Saturday we went to see Christmas lights - via choo-choo train. It was only $2

The first picture is Dan's Parents (And I think it is super cute!)
The second one is of my parents and obviously, the third is of Dan and I... I don't like either of the last two but -- I had to prove we were there! :)


ReL said...

I love your pie! It looks so yummy!

McEwens said...

Greta pictures! Your pie looks YUMMY!! Did you save me some?

Rachel said...

i am impressed you made a pie from scratch! where did you ride a train to look at lights, that is cool, wish i could take landen, he loves trains!!!

Sofia Lung said...

AWESOME looking pie. I wouldn't even bother I'd just buy it at Sam's Club.