Monday, December 22, 2008

May I... For a second....

Boast of myself. Many of my friends are similar to me... (hmmm.hmmm. Rachel.) We work hard, study hard and have to make good grades.

Here goes my grades from last semester. Remember now, I was pregnant, throwing up and totally worn out during the entire semester. I'm pleased.

CHFD 2111 090 Child Study:Intr Child Behav er A

LBST 1104 003 Arts & Society: Theatre (THEA) A

SOCY 2132 002 Socy of Marriage & the Family A

SPED 2100 001 Intro to Students Spec Needs A

Whoopee! Merry Christmas to me!


ReL said...

Aww YAY! Congrats on that!

Rachel C. said...

Congratulations! Good work!

Rachel said...

was that a shout out to me?!! Thanks, and oh my goodness!!! congrats on the grades, i know you are on top of the world, i know it was hard...but it is so worth it huh?!!!!

Tabb and Michelle said...

You're amazing. I'm glad the baby is leaving some blood flow for your brain!!! Yikes....can you tell I love pathophysiology!